Dolphins finally win on streak

admin | 12/7/2011, 8:31 a.m.

Don't look now but the Miami Dolphins are on a run, winning four out of their last five games. Quarterback Matt Moore has played so well that he is now ranked in the top 10 (number 10) in quarterback passer rating. Reggie Bush continues to prove the doubters wrong about his ability to carry the load of an every-down back. Brandon Marshall is making spectacular catches again, especially in the end zone. The defense has loosened up and is having fun. And behind it all, Tony Sparano who started the season with a one-way ticket to the unemployment line may just be cashing in that ticket for another year at the helm of the 'Phins. Wait. Did I just say that? Yes I did. There has been growing speculation that if this Dolphin team could somehow turn things around and finish the season on some sort of winning run, that they could save Sparano's job. The players know it and feel like they can. They have said as much. And with each win, they feel like they can finish the job by winning and ultimately saving Tony's job. But what about the previous three years of mediocrity? Sure there was that one year of 11-5 with a re-vitalized Chad Pennington at the helm. But it's been two years of losing seasons. This is Tony's fourth year. We were supposed to see significant change from the beginning. Everything we are seeing now, we should have seen in week one. There was too much talent on this team to go 0-7. Or was there? Chad Henne was given the keys to the car. Wherever he took the Dolphins, they would go. That's the way of the NFL these days. Head coaches place their careers in the passenger seats of the man behind the center. Drive! Take us to the Super Bowl. Or at least the playoffs. Maybe Henne wasn't the driver that Sparano needed these last few years. A conservative playbook and inexperience led to a lot of erratic play from Henne. But now it's Matt Moore's team. It took him a little while, but the guy finally got the team on the right track and started winning, albeit seven weeks too late. Nevertheless, players will credit the coach first and then themselves for this miraculous turn around. With a slightly favorable schedule in these last four weeks, the Dolphins could possibly have close our the season at .500. That wont put them in a good position to grab one of the highly-touted quarterbacks in the draft next spring, but we'll just hope, pray and cross our fingers that they will pick one. As for Tony's job security, that'll be left up to owner Stephen Ross. He is watching and taking notice. The more these guys win, the better it looks for Sparano. By The Sports Brothers