Edison business students win national contest

admin | 12/7/2011, 7:30 a.m.

Miami Edison Senior High School student entrepreneurs have put their skills to use and gained national notoriety. Two student entrepreneur teams from Edison were recently crowned the winners in the World Series of Innovation, a national contest presented by the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship for Global Entrepreneurship Week. "This was a very rewarding learning experience for me," said Phaby Lubin,17, Edison senior and team leader for New Franchise Idea. "This gave me an opportunity to be exposed to different kinds of business aspects such as creating your own business plan and introducing the world to your brand. This experience also exposed me to how people are able to run franchises." Edison's two groups, New Franchise Idea and College and Career Readiness were part of more than 300 teams from around the country that entered the competition. Of the groups that initially participated, 18 teams were picked as finalists in six categories to compete in an online competition for classroom grants. "I thought that we would at least place, I was just that confident in the proposals that we presented," said Yoletter Mezadieu, the students' teacher. "But to have the type of success that we have had right now I have yet to come down off of this surreal high. This is an accomplishment for me personally but I think it is a greater accomplishment for the school as a whole. We are supposedly the school with the lowest performing students but we really do have these bright spots." Melinda Lubin, a 17-year-old Edison junior and team leader for the College and Career Readiness team says she has her life after high school planned out. "I plan to either major in business law or just get my MBA ," she said. "If I were to be a lawyer I would want to represent big stores like McDonalds. That would be a great job." By Randy Gricergrice@miamitimesonline.com