Street Talk December 7, 2011

admin | 12/8/2011, 5:32 a.m.

Will casino gambling be a blessing or a curse for Blacks in Miami?

Deborah Baker, 51house keeper, Brownsville Yes, I think that it will help to create jobs. It is a casino and there will be work available and we need work. Laurene R. Palmer, 78retired, Liberty City No, because basically this would take from the Black community because some people don't have the common sense not to spend their last on gambling. Pearl Thomas, 79 retired, Liberty City Well yeah, it could help Blacks. The casino will need someone to work for them. Conrad Feltner,57 unemployed, Liberty City No, this new casino will not benefit us, it will be tough on the Blacks. Humberto Rodriguez, 60 retired, North West Miami-Dade County Yes, this will be something that could potentially be a benefit to the Black community of Miami-Dade County. James Smith, 82 retired, North West Miami-Dade County I think that it will help a little bit but probably not to the level that we think it should be. But I am sure that they will hire a few Blacks.