Chatter that matters December 14, 2011

admin | 12/14/2011, 7:30 a.m.

Thanksgiving has come and gone and Anthony Simons is still revering and reminiscing about spending Thanksgiving weekend with his close-knit family. He and his wife, Carolyn planned the entire event at their palatial home in Miramar. Family members began to arrive on Monday, while brother Gary Simons took advantage of Tuesday and played a game of golf with older brother, Anthony. Other family members trickled in such as sister Gwennette who took time off from her managers position in Winston Salem N.C., Erden Holilan, San Antonia, TX, sister Beverly Burns, brother Winston Simons, retired foreman of FPL, while activities continued with dinner on Thanksgiving Day, a fish fry on Friday; shopping on Saturday; and church on Sunday. After church on Sunday, The Simon family surprised Ruth Walker with a 95 year birthday party at an exclusive restaurant on Miami Beach. It was the best day of her life, especially when they sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the smiling grandmother. Now, Anthony is free to handle his fraternity responsibilities of collecting monies and paying the bills throughout the year. Hats off to Queen Lillie Dukes Odom, alumni president, North Dade Jr.-Sr. High class of 1961, and her committee members Dr. John Johnson, Dr. Raymond Dunn, Bernard Thomas, Flora Wilson, and Mayor Shirley Gibson, City of Miami Gardens, for planning their 50-year Anniversary prom Saturday, Dec.3 at Calder Race Track & Casinos Turf Club. The classmates were introduced by former teacher, Richard J. Strachan as they walked on the red carpet and were photographed. They included Rev. Lionel and Marie Reckley, Dr. Raymond and Mrs. Dunn, Dr. John Johnson his mother and sister, William E. Harden, Bernard Thomas and Janie Williams, Deacon Kenneth and Gwendolyn Sims, Christine Duhart Lester, Charles and Irene Sweeting, Donahue and Annette Stevens, Deotis Tucker, who flew in front Plant, MI., Carolyn and Mr. Moore, who also flew in from Philadelphia, PA. Also, Everette and Patricia Moncur, David and Sadie Williams, Thomas Harrison, Charles and Juanita Stafford, Cora Joiner, Flora Wilson, Kirkland S. Oliver, Edward Bethel, Clyde and Mrs. Johnson, John McCan, Johnnie Davis, Brenda Freeman, William Kelley, and Ester Martin. Former teachers in attendance were Winifred C. Beacham, Juanita Matthews, Dr. Edwin T., Demeritte, Agnes and Charles McCoy. Agnes was PTA President who stated, despite using two walking canes, that she would be present when the ribbon on the NEW North Dade is cut. The program included Mayor Gibson bringing greetings with side bars from Odom who orchestrated the evening while her granddaughters directed the classmates to the buffet lines and passed out special gifts to those persons sitting in specially marked seats. They were gifted with the center piece at their table. Kudos go out to the Sound Byte Band that brought the gang to the dance floor executing the many line dances. Further, coming all the way from Washington D.C. after performing for Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson were the trio of Marie Broomfield, Docie Williams and Wanda Williams replicating the Supremes as they entertained the class of 61 with songs they understood. Included in their list of songs was Stop In The Name of Love. The Trio gets better and better at each performance. You can imagine the wonderful reception they received in D.C. It was truly a beautiful evening enjoyed by all.