Hats off to those who brought The Messiah to Liberty City

mcneir | 12/14/2011, 7:30 a.m.

If you missed The Messiah under the direction of Dr. Nelson Hall last Sunday evening at the Church of the Incarnation and the improvisational wizardry of hip-hop violinist Jeff Hughes, then you slept through one of the best presentations of music that has come to Liberty City in quite some time. Father Crawford was in his element greeting members and guests in a standing-room-only sanctuary while Dr. Enid Pinkney, the driving force behind The Historic Hampton House Community Trust, was so energized that she was able to put down her walking stick and mount the podium. It was that kind of evening and it was that kind of electricity in the air. The choir was beyond good and Hall did an outstanding job at selecting and then preparing the young vocalists who sang the solo portions of The Messiah. And then there was Jeff Hughes who illustrated what happens when one practices hard at their craft even when it may be something rarely done by brothers or sisters from the hood. His family, many of whom live here in Miami, brought their own rooting section as well they should Hughes has an amazing gift and serves as a great role model for other Black youth who are drawn to classical music. After his solo performance, he sat down with the orchestra to play with them. The truth of the matter is the evening was a success because we all came together as patrons, sponsors and supporters of the concert. Pinkney reminded us that the event was free to the public because people responded and matched the grant that was awarded to the Hampton House. There are too many times when we allow the media to castigate what happens in the Black community. This time, however, while no one showed up to tell our story our positive story many of us were there and witnessed the power that comes when we work together for something that benefits us all.