How do we lead and what is our agenda?

mcneir | 12/14/2011, 7:30 a.m.

A Tea Party friend of mine said to me that like it or not, as a conservative Republican, he believes in conservative values and that his leadership reflects those values. He then asked me about my values? What follows is a result of our conversation. As a collective body of people we have to invest in our leadership, ourselves and our future. But how do we do that during a time when our dollar is declining, our military is spread thin, our economy is weak and our leadership is lethargic? First, we need to invest in our leadership. An investment requires research, action and monitoring. So, have we done our due diligence before we cast our ballots? Do we know the issues and what candidates stand for that are vying to represent our communities? What is their agenda is it their agenda or the peoples agenda? Even if we didnt do our research before, we can still act and hold the present leadership accountable. We do this by calling our community leaders and elected officials, going to their offices, or attending community or public meetings, all in good taste of course. We have to put the peoples agenda back on the forefront. They need to hear what it is we need and how we are ready to act. Do leaders have a genuine concern for the American people? They probably do but it is up to us to organize and mobilize, invest our votes wisely, stay active in the political process and monitor the progress being made on our behalf. Second, we invest in ourselves by becoming better informed about the issues in our families, neighborhoods and greater community. We should do our best to stay up on current events. We have to read, go on the internet and ask questions. We dont have the luxury to get caught up in catch phrases, sound bytes and emotionalism. The only way to be informed is to get the information. Finally, we invest in the collective well-being of our communities and our future by investing in our children. We need to make sure they get to school on time, we should join the PTA, monitor our childrens progress reports and ask them to show us their homework. Some of us havent been to school in awhile so we ourselves may need to meet with our childrens counselor, teacher or principal in order to determine better ways to support our children. At the end of the day, our children are a reflection of us and our society. The future, just like our children, is our responsibility. Look folks, we can only make the needed changes in our society if we work together in our families, in our neighborhoods and in our communities. We can do this! Listen to Henry Crespo on Todays Truth of the Matter on Sundays from 3 - 4 p.m. on 880 am the Biz. by Henry Crespo, Sr. hcresposr@gmail.com