Liberty City-born woman targets online shoppers

admin | 12/14/2011, 7:30 a.m.

Stylish shoe store goes global

The fashion business is an industry that requires dedication and determination, one Liberty City native is bringing just that. For women searching for the perfect heel, Dee Baker is giving the globe a perfect solution with her online store, alteregoheels.comThe idea of Alter Ego Heels (AEH) was birthed back in 2007,said the 35-year-old. After four years of planning, sketching and strategizing AEH made its online debut in September of this year. I created AEH as a vehicle of personal transformation for women. Perfectly named, we all have that other persona resting inside of us.Baker was raised in Liberty City until she moved to Atlanta in 1986 at 10-years-old. Right now AEH is exclusively based online but has been featured in a store front boutique in Chicago. The fashion connoisseur says that she was forced to go into business for herself after realizing what could become of her life if she didnt.I had never even considered starting my own business mainly because I had no idea what it would be, she said. I followed the cycle of most of my generation; I got a college degree so that I could land a stable job where I could earn a 401K and pension. Then after six years in college, two degrees, monthly financial aid debt [payments] and eight years on a stable job with no ambition for advancement I asked myself one question, security or passion? She adds that she was first drawn into the fashion industry after joining a fashion troupe in college. In the fashion industry, being a female is not the challenge, she said. Being a rookie is the challenge. I have a corporate background and no formal fashion training or experience. I still currently maintain a day job at a Fortune 500 company while building my shoe line. So the challenge is learning as I go, finding my place and making the right connections at the right time all while buying my bills from nine to five. By Randy Gricergrice@miamitimesonline.com