Scott's job creation plan appears to be working

mcneir | 12/14/2011, 7:30 a.m.

New job creation and unemployment numbers were released for October 2011 and they are extremely encouraging and positive. The state saw 9,500 new jobs created while unemployment was down from 10.6 to 10.3 percent. Compared to last year, the states numbers are improving and Governor Rick Scott and his administration can take credit for a good job. Based on the numbers in October, the state has reached a significant milestone in creating over 100,000 jobs. For 13 months, the state of Florida has enjoyed positive job growth in the public sector. The tourist industry in 2011 has generated 40,000 new leisure and hospitality jobs, compared to last year. The governor is correct in his analysis of job creation in Florida and he should be commended. When he took office the unemployment rate was 12 percent in 10 months that rate has fallen to 10.3 percent. He and his staff are moving things in the right direction. Many of the governors critics refuse to acknowledge the positive achievements of his administration because economic forecasters predicted that Floridas job growth in the next 10 years would be 1 million jobs. But many of the governors critics forget that the wrong plan and moves by the administration can force things to go in the wrong direction. Everyone in the state is concerned with the decline of jobs in the construction industry and the public sector. The construction industry has lost 11,600 jobs and the government has lost 8,600 jobs this year. There is a need for more development in the state and more people need to move to the state. Nevertheless, tourism was a winner this year, because last year there was negative information about the oil spill that negatively impacted vacation plans for some to Florida. The states tourism authority reported a 5.1 percent increase this year in the entire state, and in certain resort areas the increase was in double-digit numbers. The Sunshine State is beginning to percolate as visitors come and are spending money. In October, the governor unveiled his job creation and economic growth agenda designed to streamline regulations and create jobs needed to get Floridians back to work. Lets see if it works. By Roger Caldwelljet38@bellsouth.net