Street Talk December 14,2011

admin | 12/14/2011, 7:30 a.m.

Has the tradition of hazing run its course? Fannie Humes, 77, retired, MiamiI doubt it will ever go away, it will probably be able to be decreased with more restrictions but there will always be people that will try to do it and I dont approve of it. Allen Crockett, 73, truck driver, Liberty CityI would say yes because it is not a good thing and it should go away. Mary Reeves, 55, retired, Bunche ParkIt will not go away because it is a tradition and many times the guys dont realize the ramifications of their actions. And even though FAMU did all they could do to prevent hazing, things still happen, you cant be everywhere all the time. Jackques Helen, 48 house keeper, Miami This will continue to go on if they dont do anything about it and that is how I feel about that. Willie Newkirk , 70, retired, Liberty CityThey need to cut it out because they are playing dangerous games. When I was in school it wasnt like that. Hazing is very, very dangerous and I dont think it should be happening. I really hope hazing will stop. William Seed, 73, retired, Liberty City No because it is a part of history as far as college is concerned. The young students arent going to let it go away, they will continue to do it.