Three sistas open stage door for talented Black youth

mcneir | 12/14/2011, 7:26 a.m.

What happens when a young couple in love is able to rise from the streets and open their own successful night club? Happy ending? Not when changes in priorities, individual goals and all kinds of secrets threaten to destroy their love and lives. Thats just a taste of what audiences can expect at The Um-Hmm Chronicles which comes to the Caleb Auditorium on Friday, Dec. 16th at 8 p.m. The play was written by Dolores Gray who is one of three friends that formed Thr3e Sistas Enterprises in October 2010. She says the play is a fundraiser for the company, adding that they have great plans for the youth of South Florida. We are three Black women all in our 50s and weve been friends for almost two decades, she said. [Barbara Boswell and Warnor Land round out the trio]. We live in Richmond Heights, Homestead and Cutler Bay and saw the same thing in each of our communities a void in terms of the arts especially as it relates to opportunities for young people to develop and showcase their talents. We wanted to create a platform so their voices could be heard. The all-Black cast ranges in age from 19 to 30. Gray notes that all of the actors are equally brilliant in their potential. However, when pressed to put the spotlight on one or two of her cast she mentioned Adrian Bell and Loraine Tomlin. Adrian uses his natural talent and emotions to put on a stunning performance, she said. He is truly a diamond in the rough. Loraine has the toughest role because she plays a young woman who has been abused throughout her life. She shows a diversity that is multi-level she peeled the onion for her character in a way that very few actors can do. The New York-born playwright says that she and her partners are concerned that too many young people from the Miami area leave once they are 18, either for college or to find their fortune in the entertainment industry because theres nothing here. She wants them to return and hopes to provide a venue that encourages them to come back home. Theres so much natural talent within our midst that just needs to be fine tuned. Thats our mission. by D. Kevin McNeir kmcneir@miamitimesonline.com