Street Talk December 21, 2011

admin | 12/21/2011, 7:30 a.m.

Will young people turn out to vote for Obama in 2012? Curtis Johnson, 79, retired, Liberty City No, because the younger generation have other things on their minds right now. They don't have the time to go vote for Obama when they have other things to take care of. Jerald Delancy, 56, longshore man, Liberty City Yes, because Obama is doing very well in that seat. No one wants to talk about the good things that he is doing. He inherited problems but he is still making things better. Sandie Smith, 40, record clerk specialist, Miami Gardens No, because there are a lot of things happening that are not really allowing people to feel motivated to vote for him again. Eric Johnson, 46, laborer, Miami Gardens Young people will support him again. We don't need to regress, we need to keep moving ahead. Pamela Fair, 47, administrative assistant, Liberty City Of course they will support Obama again. People came out to support him the first time that you would have never expected to back him. I believe more young people will come out to support him this time. Royden Sampson, Sr., 54, painter, Miami-Dade Yes, I would hope so, because he is doing some good things. He deserves four more years to accomplish more great things and I think the young kids will come out to support him.