Can we get some honesty in Washington?

admin | 12/28/2011, 7:55 a.m.

The Christmas to New Years week is always a period of introspection for me. I look at the past year and wonder at how quickly it passed and how little I seemed to have accomplished. I question myself on my achievements or lack thereof. I think of my circumstances and pray for those less fortunate and I contemplate events. I am amazed at the Republican nominees rise and fall. First Michelle Bachman was the front runner, then Rick Perry, then Mitt Romney, then Herman Cain, then Newt Gingrich and now Rick Santoro. I really want the Republicans to come to some conclusion. I watch with growing horror as the Super-PACs use millions of dollars to tear down a candidate, most recently Gingrich. If the Republicans are willing to cannibalize each other, what will happen when it becomes a race between a Republican and a Democrat? I wonder what will happen in the general election when they take on President Obama. Will he be criticized for being a Moslem, having a militant pastor, being foreign-borne, or will the PACs invent even worse allegations against him? Can these destructive elections be good for the country? It seems that the divide between Democrat and Republican has become so deep and bitter that each party is willing to sacrifice the common good for the sake of a few votes in the next election. The Supreme Court decision that eviscerated the election reform laws is probably one of the worst decisions that have been made in this century. At the time, the Supreme Court, which is heavily conservative and Republican-appointed, seemed to want to unleash a source of political funding that would benefit the Republican party large corporations and special interest PACs. These entities are treated as individuals and can spend unlimited amounts of money for or against a candidate.The result is already starting to become apparent. This will be the nastiest election in U.S. history as millions will be spent by these entities which are not held to any standard of honesty. Free speech is a blessing. However, when PACS, radio hosts and others use the liberal free speech laws to spread lies and misstatements to tear down a candidate and foster animosity and racial tension, then I believe we need to curtail it. In Germany and many countries in Europe, a person is not allowed to deny the existence of the Holocaust nor to use free speech to create racial animosity. The Germans, in particular, learned a lesson from Adolph Hitler. If we started locking up the radio shock jockeys and even a few elected officials like Alvin West, for their insidious and inflammatory words, it might return us to an acceptable level of civility. Our political leaders dont respect each other. They need to learn to be civil and need to start supporting whoever brings forth ideas that will help right our floundering economic ship. ByReginald J. Clyne, Esq.rjc@clynelegal.com