Jacksons retirees bring joy to hospitalized kids

admin | 12/28/2011, 7:30 a.m.

Former nurses and administrators now retired from Jackson Health System say that while they have ended their careers their concern for those needing medical care continues especially children. To illustrate their commitment, a small but hardy group of the retirees returned to Jackson last week, visiting the newborn intensive care unit, the newborn nursery and the pediatric emergency room armed with toys and clothes for each child. I was with them and can honestly say that they brought joy and smiles to every childs face, said Sandy Sears, chief administrative officer, Jackson North Medical Center. A ray of hope is what these children and their parents need, especially during the holidays. For some of these children, the gifts they received will be the only present they receive. It was breathtaking to watch their faces light up. Sears adds that it is a real mission to care for children who are sick but notes it can also be very fulfilling. When you can contribute to improving the health of an individual, especially a child, you know you are making a profound difference in your community, she said. Children are our future and they are very special to our hearts. Sometimes parents are unprepared for having children with health problems and challenges. We take for granted good health but sometimes things dont work out that way. When a child becomes ill or is born with certain health problems, parents are forced to face the unknown its frightening. Thats why we are here and thats what these retired employees still remember how to provide care and hope for the hopeless. By D. Kevin McNeirkmcneir@miamitimesonline.com