Street Talk December 28,2011

admin | 12/28/2011, 7:30 a.m.

What is your New Years resolution? Evelyn Berry, 79, retired, Little Haiti I want God to continue blessing me in the new year. I want him to continue to bless me so that I can keep on moving around. Andrew Cash, 57, unemployed, Bahamas My resolution is to continue to have good health in the new year. Walter Spann, 55, retired, Opa-Locka My New Years resolution isto quit smoking. Tillman Richardson, 38, police crime analyst specialist, Liberty City I hope that in the new year things will improve in Liberty City. I hope the crime goes down and people begin to get more jobs. I just hope that all of that gets better. Maggie Gibbs, 63, retired, Liberty City My resolution is for God to continue to bless me and help me to have a long, long life so I can see many more holidays. Caleb Crosby, 45, community relations liaison, Brownsville My resolution is to have good health and prosperity in the new year.