Why cant Rick Scott stay in his lane?

admin | 12/28/2011, 7:02 a.m.

Florida Governor Rick Scott is back in the news. Not to address why he has the worst approval rate of any gubernatorial leader in the U.S. Not because Blacks in this state are still struggling to achieve the kind of financial security that is common place among whites and a growing number of Cubans. He has yet to address why he refused significant federal funding that would have brought high-speed rail transportation to a state that sorely needs an economic boost. And his proposed budget has yet to be approved by the legislation although given how the Republicans tend to support their own no matter how ludicrous the idea he should have little or no trouble. Instead, Scott has gone on the record and suggested that FAMUs president, Dr. Ammons, step down and should be suspended while investigations continue into hazing and, as Scott adds, financial improprieties. Maybe Scott knows something that we dont. Perhaps the U.S. judicial system has changed its mantra so that we are all guilty until proven innocent. It may be determined that Ammons had some knowledge of hazing practices at FAMU but there is a capable team of law enforcement officials and legal eagles who are working with the facts to determine if Ammons simply looked the other way, or actually co-signed some of the practices that have allegedly been going on for many, many years. In the meantime, he has a board of trustees who are responsible for the welfare of the University, its faculty, staff, students and alumni. Ammons has said he will yield to their decision. And we have confidence in their abilities. Certainly this is a tragic and complicated situation. Several young men and women have been seriously injured one young man has now died. But instead of Scott pointing fingers at others a skill that he has clearly mastered maybe he should go back and reflect on the mess he made when he was at the helm of his health care company. Maybe he should focus more on chats with down-and-out brothers and sisters in the hood instead of achieving notable sound bytes with Israeli leaders. Maybe he should just stay in his lane and work on doing something for those Floridians that are really struggling to make it each day. Wisconsin residents have already shown that they dont like the job their governor is doing. Maybe Scott should take his own advice and be suspended until he proves that he can handle the job for which he was elected.