caines | 11/2/2011, 8:26 a.m.

Theres nothing noble about those who abuse others

During the month of October, there was a plethora of information and activities that focused on the impact of breast cancer on women. In fact, one might call this the banner year given the response from the public. But while interest in prevention efforts and support of those who continue to suffer from the disease, another annual recognition took an unexpected back seat domestic violence month. We applaud the hard work of people like Jeanette Garofolo, president of Miamis Safespace Foundation and Liberty Citys native son, Jonathan Spikes. They, along with a host of volunteers, many of whom have suffered from the sometimes deadly effects of domestic violence, have been instrumental in raising awareness about this despicable crime. Make no mistake the physical abuse of another person is indeed a crime. But the pain goes beyond broken bones, shattered faces and bruised bodies. It impacts men, women and children psychologically, spiritually and emotionally. In some cases, it takes years if not a lifetime for one to overcome the damage. Left unchecked, as survivors like one mother, Carolyn Lourdes will tell you, it has the heinous potential to replicate in successive generations. Thats because children often mimic what they see. There is nothing manly or noble about those who take advantage of their strength to manipulate and/or abuse those who they profess to love. It will take more coalitions like the one that Garofolo and Spikes have forged in order to make a real impact on domestic violence. Are you your brothers or sisters keeper? One can only hope that your response is affirmative.