A Black-Haitian coalition could give greater voice for all

admin | 11/8/2011, 4:05 a.m.

It is often said that there is strength in numbers. Just take a look at the surge of attention that the Occupy Wall Street movement is getting as more and more citizens give their support. Another example is the civil rights movement of 1960s. Both show how we can bring change to our community by standing together. But along with the importance of solidarity is the need for compromise. As movements are formed or coalitions grow, no one can have it all their way. We must be willing to give and take. In Miami, one constant complaint from brothers and sisters in the hood is that our voices are regularly ignored while our needs are placed at the bottom of the list. Perhaps that trend and injustice could be reversed if we were to think beyond our own backyards. Blacks and Haitians are often pitted against one another, as if there were only one piece of pie on the table. But when you look at us, and before we begin to speak, we often look amazingly similar. Perhaps thats because we are truly brothers and sisters just from generations past. We may often focus on our own ethnic traditions but mainstream America sees us as one Blacks. Why not use that to our advantage? Whether you speak English, Ebonics or Creole, we are all want less crime, better public education, increased political representation and more safe and affordable housing. Its time we stop focusing on insignificant differences and use our collective voices to evoke a mighty roar. A Black-Haitian coalition could just change the landscape of Miamis politics overnight. We just have to leave some of our selfishness and excess baggage at the door.