Prison Rap

admin | 11/8/2011, 5:26 a.m.

Like physicians, we can all heal ourselves

At some point, everyone has made a request for help and no matter how many times weve paid our debts or returned a favor, we always seem to feel uncomfortable with seeking the assistance of others. We would much rather be in a position where we could get what we wanted without turning to others. But sometimes one has no choice. In the prison economic system, inmates barter for goods in ways similar to those in the outside world. Banks loan people money but demand interest back. The prison store man, an inmate who has a locker full of things for trading and bartering purposes, will loan items to other inmates for a little extra back. Whether imprisoned or free, there are those moments when one is hungry and has nothing to eat. But to seek help is in effect giving up our power to others. Sometimes what one must endure to get assistance is demeaning and belittling. Judging by the current condition of our nation, it would be very easy for us to forget all the monkey wrenches that the Republicans have thrown into Obamas agenda and shift all the blame to him and his fellow Democrats for our financial woes. Instead, we should give ourselves a boost in confidence and raise our level of optimism in order that we may began the healing process of an overall ill economy. The humility of accumulated disappointments and financial grief can all be avoided if we somehow adopt the thinking of doing for ourselves what we have previously expected others to do. As any physician will tell you, medication can sometimes be effective, but the survival rate for a positive thinking person suffering from some physical ailment is much higher than a sufferer who has allowed themselves to be overwhelmed with gloom. Through irrigation of the spirit, lets heal our unhealthy ways of thinking and know that the manifestation of our thoughts will eventually lead us to something new and better in our lives. By Arthur Lee Hall, Jr.