The Miami Times continuously provides a voice for Blacks

admin | 11/8/2011, 4:24 a.m.

Dear Editor, Black Miamians can say with pride that we have a Black-owned and operated newspaper. The Miami Times, a weekly newspaper, has been owned and operated by one family for more than 88 years. The Miami Times is still providing news and recording history for the future. Inside of the September 7-13, 2011 edition, an article of housing story a flash from 1972, led me to believe something drastic happened or some theory was created to silence the voice of tenants and stop the movement that made two major changes for better housing conditions for tenants and low-income families in Florida. I am a senior of today that believes changes can be made and people working together will make changes. In 1952, D.A. Douglass, manager of the Atlanta Life Insurance Company, made an appointment for me to have an interview with The Miami Times. H.E. Sigismund Reeves, founder of The Miami Times, published the story. In 2010, HB1033 honored me for my work in Miami. But my District Three County Commissioner was unwilling to present a resolution to the Board. I am still in shock. Many leaders seem to be caught up in getting reelected at any expense. But change is coming. Thank you Miami Times for being here as the voice of the people. You have added more years to my life. Eufaula Frazier Miami