Troy Daviss death reveals darker side of America

admin | 11/8/2011, 4:21 a.m.

Dear Editor, On September 21st, a Black prisoner named Troy Davis died by lethal injection in the dark state of Georgia.I dont believe that his execution was racially motivated because the inept prosecution was backed by a majority-Black jury.The problem here is a systemic one. He died because he was born Black, poor and poor the cards were always stacked against him. Jim Crow politics is alive and well. This latest example of injustice was carried out without searching for all forms of evidence. What happened in Georgia is a bad stain on the U.S. It takes away hope from a people long denied. But it is also a teachable moment. We must make sure our Black youth understand that there are consequences for bad decisions, bad company, bad choices and that sometimes the consequences are not equal to the wrong-doing that was committed. Hearing Troys last words . . . I am innocent tells me that he made peace with himself and is with God today. Cecil T. Daniels Miami Gardens, FL