Chatter November 9, 2011

admin | 11/9/2011, 10:44 a.m.

While visiting Leo Penders barber shop recently, the discussion was about residency of Asians and Middle Eastern people in the Arcola Lakes Park and North Miami areas. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stated in his I Have a Dream Speech that one day people of all kind will sit down at the same table. That day is nowhere as the communities are accepting new people and working together harmonizing in a discorded economy. Mom and Pop stores are operating on every corner like Chinese restaurants. It was reported that owners have been cooperative with the system of purchasing from a particular warehouse selling rice to customers, buying in bulks, and overfilling the takeout container with rice to well satisfied customers. According to Frank Pinkney, the restaurant is not elaborate in equipment, but caters to Blacks that leave heavy tips on the table with a full stomach. Pender interjected how the Asians have not lived in the community, but opened nail salons in the communities for at least $300 in a days work, while he works all day for at least $100. Yet, he loves barbering and he has been in the same location for 30-years. Mom and Pop Stores in the community are kept clean with uniformity in stocking the merchandise and providing the customers with fresh food and a mini delicacy. Speaking of people doing positive things in their life, Dr. Enum, a Libyan, came to this country as a child and settled in New York where he became drawn to becoming a dentist. He attended dentistry school, completing the requirements and pursing the ordeal of receiving his license before coming to Miami. His trip to Miami was unfruitful because of the job market and filled out applications for employment. He was fortunate when he was hired to fill the vacancy at the Miami Dental Center. Dr. Enum has fell right in and mixed well with the staff. Not only did he bring youth, but he brought viable experience, astuteness, and a methodology of relaxing the patients and doing what he has to do painless. Everyone always leaves comfortable and happy. The Commissioners Bowl last Friday, brought the Miami Central Rockets and Miami Northwestern Bulls together to determine who is going to state. More than 10,000 people filled Traz Powell Stadium. On Northwestern side, three tailgate parties were holding down the fort. The happiest group came from International Longshoremen 1416, such as Antonio Wilson, Jimmy Beasley and others. Joseph Yearby of Central made a 40-yard touchdown run making the score 7-6 in favor of the Rockets. It remained that way until the half. The Rockets were the first to hit the field for the half-time entertainment. The Bulls followed with an outstanding entrance and music the crowd could hear. The band wore pink T-shirts in honor of breast cancer and received a standing ovation. Miami Central won the game 38-17 over Northwestern. Kudos go out to the Miami Northwestern Booster Club that negotiated with Nike to provide jerseys, t-shirts, a tailgate tent and more. Members of the club are Nicole Larkin, Cassandra Sims-Gilbert, James McKinney, Sr., Jermaine Scott, Maurice Davis, Shara Johnson, Robin Sims, Sidney Simpson, Dana Smith, Audrey Cohen, Darlene Brown, Jerry Sutherland, Ada Buchanan, cheerleader/booster president; Robbie Dukes, Warren Cash, David Wiggins, Kenny Washington, Evin Alexander, Caleb Crosby and Tommy Streeter, Sr. Kudos go out to Charlie Mae Culpepper, chairperson; Frank G. Hall, president of Booker T. Washington Class of 1961 for their Second Annual Prayer Breakfast Fundraiser, last Saturday, at Church of the Open Door with Keith Lovarity, planner and Rev. Dr. R. Joaquin Willis, pastor, and members of the BTW 1961 class. The theme was Sweet Hour Morning Prayer without Ceasing. Culpepper used her stage skills to move the program rapidly as she called upon Evangelist Velma Bouie Arnold from St. Agnes Episcopal Church to begin the invocation; followed by Yvonne R. Pickett from New Shiloh MBC to bring welcome/occasion; James Erwin to celebrate his presence Through His Word; and Michael Johnson from Mt. Olivette MBC to celebrate his presence through music. Significant prayers came for Dr. Venita B. Timpson from Mt. Sinai MBC prayed for religion; Deacon Vincent Stirrup from Temple MBC prayed for the sick and shut in and the homeless; Rev. Franklin Clark from Mt. Olivette MBC prayed for children, schools and educators; and Vicar J. Leggett from Our Savior Lutheran praying for the government, national, state, and local. The congregation was led into singing Blessed Assurance by Gregory Scott from Cooper City Church of God. Evangelist Carol Smith from Temple prayed for the world and finance; Dorothy Chaney from Mt. Sinai prayed for family, friends and bereaved families; Rev. Dr. Ralph Ross prayed for the Class of 61; and President Hall thanked everyone for participating and attending, while Bishop Daisy Williams provided the benediction and everyone sang the alma mater. Happy Birthday to Annie H. Ross, founder, District 2 Northside Citizens Crime Watcher (CCW), who sat among her Watchers that celebrated with her during the final meeting of the year at Covenant Palms/Urban League Office. Ross took the leadership and presided over the meeting. She called on Gloria Hugne to bring welcome/occasion to the huge crowd, followed by the entrance of The Explorers, who presented the flag in a military style as James Smith sang America The Beautiful and God Bless America. Invocation and Prayer was done by Rev. Andrew Floyd, newly appointed pastor at First Baptist Church of Brownsville. A new change greeted the CCW by engaging in a raffle, other games, singing hymns and presented Ross with roses and other gifts coming from Officers Laytona Graham, Dana Carter, Roy Brown, and McFadden. Also, a plaque and roses from Commissioner Jean Monestime. Ross reciprocated by presenting plaques to T. Willard Fair, Robert Earley, Valerie Anderson, Ruby Allen and George Yap. Special thanks went out to Major Garry Geaninton, Major Robert Carley, and Fair for the food and space he donated. Rev. Joann Brookins, the newly appointed pastor at Opa-Locka UMC, has planned several programs for the community, such as family day and recently, inviting Bethune-Cookman University Gospel Choir to be presented in concert. Kudos go out to T. Eilene Martin-Major for assisting and inviting Wayne Davis, local alumni president, arranging for Larry Josey and Karri Brookins to come with the choir from Daytona Beach. Hats are off to Ventellis Rendrido, director and Ballarie Ingram, chaperone. Choir members included Chelee Hennings, Nancy Vixamon, Angeleigh Rodrigquez, Steve Washington, Austin Easterling, Baldy Sharpe, Crystal Baptiste, Shermiga Emicker, Patricia Momprempremier, Jalen Booker, Ashley James, Marcus Curtis, Jessica Estel, Charle Barnes, Anthony Brown, Alexis Wallace, Ramika Mills, Minam King, Nikki Grant, KaranitaCummings, Ciera Scott, Jarcaruoys Boykins, Breanna Dickey, Shayla Turner, BriaTigner and Bridget Fields.