Street Talk

admin | 11/9/2011, 11:46 a.m.

Will the new UM bio-tech park provide more jobs for Overtown residents as promised?

Fred Johnson, 64, Retired, Liberty City I absolutely do not think that the facility will be able to provide jobs to the citizens in the Overtown community. Andrew L. Brown, 62, Retired, Miami I hope they will provide jobs for the residents in that area. I can only hope. I mean it is built in a predominantly Black community, so Blacks should be provided with jobs in that area. Ester Hodges, 69, retired, Liberty City They should be able to provide jobs because Overtownneeds all of the help that they can get. Charles Higgs, 61, Retired, Miami They should be able to provide jobs, but they probably wont because of discrimination. They want for white people or Cuban people to work there. Homer Williams, 68, Retired, Miami People need jobs everywhere, but as far as will they get the people of Overtown back to work? Well, I hope it will. Angela Simmons, 46, Unemployed, Liberty City I hope so, not only for them but for everybody in Miami-Dade County, we need jobs.