Was race card pulled on Herman Cain?

caines | 11/9/2011, 8:10 a.m.

Racism is the oppression of one group by another racial group and takes many forms. It could be the denial of jobs, housing and/or business opportunities. Gender discrimination is the discrimination of one group based on their gender. Sometimes gender discrimination manifests itself in the form of sexual harassment, where a person of one gender in a position of authority takes advantage of a person of another gender. Herman Cain, the Black Republican presidential nominee, has repeatedly stated during campaign speeches that race does not hold anybody back emphasizing his belief that Blacks have a level playing field. His statements are met with applause by conservatives who feel that he supports their positions that no special privileges should be given to women or minorities simply because of their race or gender. Cain has served as an example of the American Dream fulfilled and his campaign has been rolling along, making him a front runner for party. Then came the allegations of sexual harassment. Cain went from having no recollection, to the allegations being baseless to refusing to speak on the issue. Conservative commentators like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh asserted that Cain was being attacked because of his race. Cain took up the chant. Is Cain being attacked because he is a Black man? If this were a legal case I would try to determine if Cain was treated differently from similarly situated white men. Issues of inappropriate sexual conduct have plagued white Republican candidates. Sex clearly sells and any elected official or candidate is subject to scrutiny for inappropriate sexual overtures or activities. The impact on his presidential hopes has already begun to materialize. Cain is already losing women voters. These mounting allegations will also impact religious conservatives who want a candidate who is faithful to his wife. Finally, for those whites who still cannot stomach interracial relationships, the idea that the women in question might be white women that has to give them pause about taking on the great conservative experiment and voting for a Black, Republican presidential candidate. What I find most amusing is that Cain is like many other successful businessmen who run for political office. These individuals take a simplistic view of their candidacy. They feel their success in business makes them ideal to run for office. However, they forget that every candidate will someday have to face the press. Cain is getting his butt kicked by the press and he has visibly lost his cool when hounded about the sexual harassment claims. Cain will probably follow the path of his predecessors and drop out of the race when he realizes that he is dealing with a powerful press corps not Godfather Pizza subordinates. By Reginald J. Clyne, Esq.,Miami Times columnist, rjc@clynelegal.com