A day to celebrate

admin | 11/10/2011, 11:08 a.m.

Bunche Park's Suzi Simmons turns 100 As people get older, they prefer not to disclose how many years they have been on this Earth. However, Suzi Simmons proudly states that she will be turning 100-years-old on her birthday on Friday, Nov. 11th. I feel fine, said Simmons, who is currently living in an assisted living facility in North Miami. Besides relying on a wheelchair for mobility, she remains mentally fit and has excellent sight and hearing for her age. Simmons was asked was she surprised that she had lived to see her 100th birthday. Am I surprised? No because I know who takes care of me, who brought me in to this world, she replied.[The Lord] takes care of me so I got no need to worry. Simmons was born in Perry, a small community in North Florida, to Willie Bryant, a housewife, and Simon Bryant, a laborer for a railroad company. Values were very different back then, according to Simmons. She still recalls how prospective husbands had to ask permission from her parents, when she and her sister decided to get married. Her father warned the suitors, dont beat them, dont [abuse] them, and if you get tired of them then bring them back because as long as she lives, she to something to eat and someplace to stay, Simmons recalled. Basically, if the couple doesnt get along, then just let his daughter come back home instead of fighting, explained Inez Saeders, 85, a close friend of Simmons. Simmons herself would go on to marry twice and have one son, who has passed away. She also has three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren who are currently living, as well as several of her brothers and sisters. Although she spent much of her youth in Northern Florida and Georgia, eventually, Simmons moved to South Florida, where her values of spending and economics served her well.

By Kaila Heard