Pastor of the Week: Rev Mattie Nottage

admin | 11/10/2011, 11:26 a.m.

Pastor Mattie Nottage reveals the key to fighting fear and despair

Pastor Mattie Nottage is already claiming 2012 to be her comeback season. For Nottage, who co-pastors Believers Faith Breakthrough Ministries in Pompano Beach with her husband, the previous year has been filled with seemingly undiagnosable medical hardships. Although the causes were unknown, the effects were extreme fatigue, rapid weight gain and even having difficulty speaking that severely hampered her ministry. In my revivals and conferences, I'm use to being a high energy, high impact kind of preacher, she explained. But, all these sicknesses literally slowed me right down. The next thing was that I had to cancel engagements which was something I've never done before in my life. Meanwhile, medical professionals were giving her a slew of misdiagnosis from multiple sclerosis to lupus to cancer. Nottages health continued to suffer and she was bed-ridden for months in 2010. There was a point when services/her ministry was at a stand-still, her illnesses were so debilitating that Nottage could not attend for a time. Although some members left, those that stayed took on more responsibilities to keep the ministry going with prayer. While the traditional Sunday service is temporarily suspended, members meet every Friday night for intercessory prayer sessions. The minister recalled, I think that there were some nights where I wept and I cried because I did not understand what was going on. Although she has been a devout Christian since she was 12, and Nottage also could rely upon the love and support of her husband, children, extended family and friends, there were times when she encountered the spirit of fear and depression, which can also lead to the spiritual death of hopelessness. She finally realized that she would have to use the advice that she had given countless others to arm them for spiritual warfare. When I couldn't find a prophet, I had to prophesize myself and declare that I'm going to overcome this, she said. I had to speak the Word every single day. Slowly, she began receiving the proper diagnosis for her maladies including hypothyroidism, a tumor in her throat and cysts in her abdomen. After intensive intercessory prayer sessions, the tumor in her throat eventually disappeared, but Nottage had to have the cysts surgically removed a few weeks ago. She plans to reinstate Sunday Morning Worship Service, as well as her popular Mattie Nottage School of Ministry Saturday morning sessions. But next up will be special Night Watch Services on Dec. 30th at 7:30 p.m. and Dec. 31st at midnight. There is a good chance that Nottage will speak about her trials during the previous year. I have a testimony that God is still a healer that God is still a deliverer and that if what He is doing for me, the he can do for anybody in the world, she said. Believers Faith Breakthrough Ministries is located at the Forum at 600 SW 3rd Street in Pompano Beach. For more information, call 561-929-1518 or 954-237-8196. By Kaila Heardkheard@miamitimesonline.com