Cains days are numbered despite Paterno

caines | 11/16/2011, 5:39 a.m.

Recently, my pastor preached about sexual immorality; it seemed very appropriate in light of the sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain and the sex abuse scandal at Penn State. Cain must have had a big sigh of relief when his story took second to Joe Paterno being fired for not doing enough. Cain now claims that he was called to run for president by God, akin to Gods calling Moses. I wonder if God knew about Cains sexual indiscretions before anointing him. But then God must have had a back-up plan, because he spoke to Anita Perry who said God told her that her husband should run for president. I wonder what happens to people who make false claims. Is there a special place in Hell for false presidents? Maybe its next door to wherever false prophets are stored. Do I believe that Cain sexually harassed four women? I practice employment law and if I had four women come into my office, who did not know each other and who each claimed to have been subjected to sexual harassment at different times by the same man, I would sign them up right away. If the women were all white and their boss was Black, Id move the case to some small county in North Florida, where I was likely to get an all-white jury. I cannot imagine how much that jury would give to those white victims. America may have become more racially-tolerant, but I do not think that tolerance runs that deep. In truth, I had hoped for his sake that Cains accusers were Black women. It might have been more acceptable to white, right-wing conservatives. It might have even been more acceptable to Blacks. Why does every rich and powerful Black man seem to be chasing white women? I doubt that Cain can survive this latest revelation and believe his front-runner status is over. What is so ironic about conservatives is that they are such hypocrites. They wanted to impeach President Clinton for his sexual dalliance even though Monica Lewinsky was quite willing and happy to play. In contrast, four women who did not welcome the sexual advances of a conservative darling are being attacked by the right-wing establishment. My pastor was right. Your body is a temple to God and husbands and wives need to be faithful. Whoever has been talking to Cain, it certainly was not God. By Reginald J. Clyne, Esq.,Miami Times columnist, rjc@clynelegal.com