Penn State tragedy could have been avoided

admin | 11/16/2011, 11:27 a.m.

Paterno's avoidable tragedy

The scandal that rocked Penn State University and the college football world last week was unlike any other. In a week's time, a college campus rioted, a legendary coach was fired and several young men were reminded of a horrific time in their lives. The story also shows us a gross example of negligence, abuse of power, the good ole' boy network and the inability to separate right from wrong. If former Penn States former graduate assistant and current quarterback coach, Mike McQueary, had gone to the police when he witnessed a young boy being sexually assaulted, we would not be at this point. If only Coach Paterno, when he learned of this incident, had acted immediately and saw that authorities investigated the allegation, other boys would have been spared abuse. Maybe things could would have been different if then Athletic Director Tim Curley and VP for Business and Finance Gary Schultz, had not swept things under the rug and lied to a grand jury years later. Negligence. Abuse of power. The good ole' boy network. All of these things are apparent in this sad tragedy. And we can't forget apathy. As thousands of college students on the campus of PSU took to the streets of College Station in support of Paterno following his firing by the Board of Trustees, did anyone stop to think that he had a hand in this coverup? Are we ignoring the fact that instead of telling his friend and longtime assistant to get help or turning him into law officials, he forced Sandusky into retirement in hopes that Sanduskys trysts wouldn't tarnish the Penn State brand? I've done my share of protest and "raising sand" in college, but the actions of the Penn State students has to be of the most ignorant Ive seen from any college students. This story is heartbreaking and emotional, but most of all its sad. Sad for the young men affected young men, now adults whose lives were preyed upon while one sick man was protected. Everyone looked out for the best interest of the University. No one bothered to look out for the young boys. Not even Paterno. The Sports Brothers