Street Talk: November 16

caines | 11/16/2011, 6:15 a.m.

What can our community do to reverse the trend of Black men going to prison?

Willie Kelly, 65Retired, Miami Gardens What we can do is respect the police and assist them in their efforts to stop all the violence that is going on in the community. Angela Walker, 41Store clerk, Little Haiti We need to all work together as one and stop the violence. We need to stop fighting one another. Thomas Snowden, 49Professor, Pembroke Pines We need to institutionalize rights of passage, just like we've institutionalized churches and colleges. One of the things that we struggle with as a community is when does a Black boy become a Black man. Hubert Johnson, 60Unemployed, Allapattah We can't do it for them, it is really up to that person. If someone has it in their mind to do something they will do it. They need to start reading the bible, that's how we keep our boys out of prison. Geraldine Hall, 54Secretary, Liberty City What we need to start doing is maybe having more educational places for them to go to learn how to better themselves. Zeppeliene Bell, 80Retired, Allapattah We need to get the bible put back in school and get the parents permission to beat their behinds.