Street Talk: November 23

admin | 11/22/2011, 5:55 a.m.

What can our community do to protect kids from gun violence?

Michael Strozier, 51unemployed, Brownsville We need to get them back active in the community and give them something constructive to do. Alexander Quartermaine, 65unemployed, Miami They are doing so much stuff out there I dont really know what we can do. Really I dont know, they just need to stay out of trouble. Alvin Flowers, 56unemployed, Liberty City It all depends on the families these kids are coming up in. A kid learns what they are taught. Shearund Johnson, 35student, Liberty City Really this falls on the adults, you have to get the adults under control first then worry about the kids. Michael Harmon, 55retired, Allapattah We need to get out and protest and talk to the neighbors just to let our voices be heard, even if we have to go out to city hall. Fannie Ash, 76retired, Liberty City Parents need to get out there and talk to their kids and let them know the right things to do. If the parents dont do anything with the kids there isnt anything we can do for them.