For Blacks to get real justice, some attorneys must go

admin | 11/23/2011, 5:51 a.m.

Dear Editor, Julie O. Bru, is the current city attorney of the City of Miami.She has kept a low profile, but her lack of professionalism and ethics cannot be ignored.She and her assistants have assisted Exposito in his bloody reign as the former chief of police. As the top legal officer, the police routinely consult with Bru and her assistants regarding policy, protocol and the legalities of their actions. It has been reprehensible that rather than helping to correct improper police action in the criminal and civil arena, Bru promotes it and gives legal advice that allows officers and detectives to find ways to justify the many unjustified police shootings that have taken place during her watch.That is not to say that all of the shootings have been unjustified some of them were valid and unavoidable but many were unacceptable.So, why does the Florida Bar refuses to investigate her leads? Finally, theres Richard Scruggs, the prosecutor of Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones. While no one is calling Spence-Jones a saint, legally shes committed no crimes.Scruggs should be investigated and ultimately suspended and disbarred.All three of these individuals give attorneys everywhere a bad name and make it tougher for the rest and they need to be made examples of. Adrean Lans Miami