Laws should be tougher on illegals

admin | 11/23/2011, 5:52 a.m.

Dear Editor, Commissioner Audrey Edmonson was identified in The Miami Times saying illegal immigration should be handled at the federal level and not at the state level.The federal government isdoing a half-hearted job at enforcing the laws on the books. That's why the states are having to take the lead. The states are tired of the drain on their budgets for illegals and increased criminal activity. Florida and all other states should pursue it because it is enforcing the law. Is she saying she is pro-illegal immigration? I thought she had to uphold the laws of the U.S. Constitution and not her own political career. Is she saying to look the other way to criminals that come here illegally? I think that is not the message she should be giving. Why even have laws if no onewants them enforced? Miami is #1 in the nation for Medicare fraud. This is because of not checking the background of people but bringing them here by boat with no real processing.If all theillegals including wet foot-dry foot and TPS persons are not allowed to stay and are deported did you know unemployment for the Black community would probably be three to five percent?Can you imagine? But these are the same people that say they represent Blacks, but look like they represent illegals. Democrats and the Obama Administration don't care about American jobs or they would do something about this. Illegals pay no real taxes yet want schools, police, fire and hospital benefits. All these things cost money and guess who will be paying for them American citizens.My birth state of Alabama has taken a strong stance against illegals they say because illegals take away American jobs and drain the budget. California has gone backwards and want to offer college tuition to illegals in a state that is bankrupt. Write or e-mail Obama and Gov. Scottand say no dream act and no wet foot-dry foot or any illegals of any kind. Let your voicesbe heard like the illegals do. If this country cannot deal with this illegal problem,we will go down the drain. Linda Simmons North Miami