How Black boys victims at Penn State?

admin | 11/30/2011, 11:54 a.m.

The molestation of a child (any child) is a sick and heinous crime. The allegations against Gerald Jerry Sandusky the long-time coach at Penn State University and founder and primary fund raiser behind The Second Mile Foundation has captured the attention of the worldwide media and has brought an end to the face of Penn State Universitys Joe Paterno along with the school president, athletic director, many of its assistant coaches and for the most part its entire football program. But the resulting cover up or veil of secrecy which has been ongoing for the past 12 years may be more heinous then the alleged crimes themselves. While state and federal law prohibit the identity of a sexual crime victim from being released (no matter what age) it is interesting that no one is discussing the race of these young victims. Which also leads one to ask if these boys had not been young white males would the code of silence and veil of secrecy remained so strong and so quiet for so long? What has not been disclosed or a topic of conversation is that many of the alleged victims are Black. According to Pennsylvania foster care records 48 percent of all children in out-of-home care are Black and 53 percent of all children in foster care are males with an average age of 11-years-old. Therefore, the likelihood that the majority of these children are Black is overwhelming. Consider that Pennsylvanias foster care population is over 50 percent Black males and that Sanduskys Second Chance Foundation client base is poor, underprivileged and foster children and that the coach (Sandusky) used sports as a major recruiting tool to get close to the victims it would not be a risk at all to believe that at least half of the Penn State victims were Black boys. Most of the boys involved were between the ages 9 and 12 years old. All were recruited and involved with Sandusky through the Second Mile Program. And in almost every account someone saw lewd and lascivious acts being conducted upon children ranging from oral sex, to actual anal intercourse between Sandusky and these children. Sandusky and Penn State are both considered culpable in these sickening crimes. He used his relationship with Penn State to give these children access to a football program known worldwide and lured boys with gifts, trips and access that grown men would be overwhelmed with let alone 9-13 year old boys from impoverished homes and foster care facilities. Penn State, because they knew about these allegations and improper events and actions almost 15 years ago, did nothing but turn a blind eye. It is outrageous and sickening what this 67-year-old man is alleged to have done to as few as nine and now up to 23 boys, all who came from broken homes in the poorest parts of the community who were only looking for guidance and someone to look up to. By Danny J. Bakewell, Jr. Special to the NNPA from the Los Angeles Sentinel