Marlins Spanish requirement says it all

admin | 11/30/2011, 11:26 a.m.

The Marlins are already preparing for their return next spring to Miami, with a new name, dazzling uniforms, free tours of the stadium and plenty of fanfare. Politicians and citizens alike were on both sides of the fence regarding the way the new Marlins Ballpark was funded mostly by public dollars. Nonetheless, the hour is almost upon us. And with a new stadium comes a whole lot of jobs something that is sorely needed here in Miami-Dade County. So imagine the chagrin, the anger, the frustration that hundreds of job-seeking Blacks felt when they went to the Miami Marlins website and discovered that many of the posted jobs came with a caveat bilingual preferred. One spokesman for the Marlins said that only three positions require that the candidate be bilingual. But the teams director of multicultural marketing said that bilingual job candidates was a priority because of the Marlins Spanish-speaking base. The statement begs the question whether the director was referring to the teams fans or ball players. Either way we must categorically protest such requirements for any project or organization that uses public funds. If one opens a small business in Little Havana or Little Haiti, bilingualism is understandably a need for most if not all of the employees. But the Marlins is a multi-million dollar enterprise. And they did not pay for the bill by themselves they used tax dollars. And the last time we checked, it was not a requirement to be bilingual to live in Miami. Then again, maybe we need to recheck the City Charter.