November 30, 2011

caines | 11/30/2011, 8:35 a.m.

According to Bernard Thomas, reporter, for the North Dade Class of 1961---Its a great honor that Lillie Queen Dukes Odom, was honored by her classmates her for 50-years of service with Miami Gardens, recently. The event took place at the Betty Tucker Ferguson Center, who is also a classmate from North Dade Jr-Sr. High School. Paying tribute to Queen Odom were Dr. John Johnson, a former Governmental Executive with the school board, Dr. Raymond Dunn, Charles Stafford, Charles Sweeting, Flora Bell Wilson Johnson (Dimples), Esther H,. Martin, Sidney Lawrence, and Mayor Shirley Gibson, while three Armed Guards followed with the honoree, escorting her to a specially decorated throne. Mario Bastille took over as EMCEE and formally gave the invocation and occasion. Then, Odom was roasted from A to Z, beginning with Bastille and continuing with Commissioner Betty T. Ferguson, Mayor Murray, Hans Othinot Esq. from Sunny Isles MDCC. Atty Sonya Dickens saved the best for last and announced Queen Odom will be going to Australia with a designers bag for her reigning titles as founder, mayor, counselor assistant, and outreach executive. Finally, the class of 1961 saluted their class president and labeled her as a quiet storm not only for the City of Miami Gardens, but for everyone else she loves dearly. Bernard indicated the Class of 1961 will be celebrating a 50th year reunion banquet/prom Saturday, December 3, beginning at 7 at Calder Race Track. Former teachers are invited. RSVP by calling Thomas at 305-688-4379. Happy Birthday to Rev. Williams A. Bringier, pastor and founder of Titus Chapel Freewill Baptist Church. He thanks God for allowing him to live for 90-years with many more to be added. It was an honor speaking with him, especially when he indicated graduating from Bethune-Cookman University where he had the honor of walking, chatting, and visiting Founder Mary McLeod Bethune during his interim. Rev. Bringiers legacy began with his mother and step-father Ernest and Josephine McCoy who were both preachers, would be a blessing that would define the course of his future emanating from Winter Haven. Credit goes out to clergy E.T. Brown, Jarrius Dunn, Lewis Nesbitt, Frank Patterson, Willie McCrae, and William Gibson. From that encouragement, he was employed as a rehabilitation counselor for the State of Florida and found his vision as owner of a dry cleaning business in Goulds while receiving his blessing at Williams Chapel FBC and an experience working at the post office where God got him ready for the ministry and he founded his church and it was the beginning. Further, the founding of Titus Chapel in 1987 allowed him to be a blessing to the community by helping to strengthen the faith walk of others. More importantly, Rev. Bringier is untraditional in the fact that he doesnt accept a salary for his work in the ministry. He feels it is Gods desire and his desire provides him to take optimum care of his wife and children. One of his most significant blessings has been his celebrating 55-years of marriage to Jennie with two-sons and a daughter supporting the church. One of his sons is a retired naval officer based in San Diego. His philosophy is the underlying principle is important for people to understand that you can serve God in any profession if you choose to do so. An advocate of education, he feels that our community needs more doctors, lawyers, and technical specialists, especially people in the construction industry as a contractor. For more info, call 305-634-6311.