People November 30, 2011

caines | 11/30/2011, 8:45 a.m.

Wedding anniversary greetings go out to the following couples: Capt. and Mrs.Alfred R. ( Edith ) Barr, Sr. , their 40th on Nov. 20 , John and (Valerie Henry) Baker, their 23rd on Nov. 24th; Earnest and Carol Knowles, Nov. 24th, their 34th. Up to Cordele, Georgia for a family reunion and to enjoy Thanksgiving were Ernest and Alice Pearl Sidney and his beloved sister, Nancy Dawkins. Sincere get well wishes to all sick and shut-ins, especially: Jacqueline Livingston, Ebenezer Scrooge Edwards, Sue Francis, Louise Cleare, Wilhelmina S.Welch, Inez Mck. Johnson, Frankie Rolle, Grace Heastie Patterson, Naomi A. Adams, Melodie Mitchell. Our dear buddy, Roslyn J. Bethel left us two years ago in November as she traveled to Orlando for the Classic to enjoy a good time with old friends and classmates. We sure miss you Roz ! Rest in Peace. Attorney Morgan Tharpe, III came home for a visit with his family and friends,including mother, Lula Kemp Tharpe ; sister, Lisa of hollywood, father, Morgan Tharpe, Jr.,uncle and aunt Gladstone and Minnie Kemp all of Miami. Other friends and family elated to have him home visiting were Joyce Jones, Virgie Tresvant and Lula Smith. Welcome Home! Were you ready for some football? Definitely Bethune-- Cookman University and all Wildcats were ! I couldnt see everyone, but some caught in the People glance were: Father Richard and Virla Barry, Tellis and Deacon Doris Ingraham, Sylvia Sands, Margaret Moncur, Elestine Allen, Arnett Hepburn, Robin Moncur, Cupidine Dean, Delores Hills, Harcourt Clark, Barbara Burrows, Kathy Thurston, Nancy Dawkins, Martha Day, John and Kathy Culmer, Juanita Hooks, Velda Christmas, Apryl Floyd, John and Annette Williams, Bob Edwards, Carolyn Mond, Larry and Kathy Smith, Sharon Anderson, Gwen Thomas, Fitzhugh Johnson, Calvina Parks, Calvin Parks, Carolyn Lewis, Stacy Lewis, Gail Jackson, Theodore and Shirley Johnson, Ruby Taylor, Barbara Johnson, Sean Watts Naomi Allen Adams returned to her adopted home Tuskegee, Alabama where she resides with her daughter and son-in-law, Scevia and Major Holland . Accompanied by her son Dr. Nelson Adams and his wife Effie, she traveled to Tuskegee where the family enjoyed a beautiful Thanksgiving. Dewey W. Knight , wife Sabrina and Little Darling Morgan Taylor Knight spent the Thanksgiving holiday in the Big Apple, New York City where Morgan Taylor participated in the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade along with other Little Darlings. Henry SankieNewbold had quite a blast in Orlando chaffeured by Isaac Jack Ford. He met his son Harry and wife Shirley as they visited from Pensacola, Florida. Harry and Shirley displayed out of this world hospitality . Others joining for this visit were son-in-law Ltc. Eric Evans( retired U.S.Army ) and his wife Zina of Conyers,Georgia. We all stayed at the Renaissance Hotel located at Sea World and had a wonderful time. Francina Lewis Robinson is enjoying Thanksgiving with her son Gilford and daughter-in-law Etta. She will extend her visit to enjoy a week visit. Lorraine Dozier Mitchell, had a retirement celebration at the Smith Conference Center of Florida Memorial University on Saturday,November 19 in honor of her 34 years of outstanding service to Miami -Dade County. Proclamations were received from United States Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson, City of Miami Gardens, Miami-Dade County Commissioner, District One and The New Gamble Memorial Church of God in Christ.