Street Talk November 30, 2011

caines | 11/30/2011, 9:06 a.m.

What can the Black community do to help people become more educated about HIV-AIDS?

Dewey Wilkerson, 79retired, Liberty City What we can do today in the Black community is no more than what we already are doing. We should entice people to get tested. And if they have it, encourage them to get treated. Melvin Fort, 47project coordinator, Miami-Dade County I think education is key. We have to have the conversation about HIV-AIDS, it is like that big pink elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. We really need to have that type of conversation before people start engaging in risky behavior. Netris Batts, 41community consultant We need to figure out how to have family engagement, it starts with each house hold. There is education available through the public school system but if we start in our homes and start having conversations about sex then we could potentially have a better community. Lucy G. Virgo, 46student, North Miami We need to come together as a community and get the information out. Linking up with community leaders, especially the local churches would be a big help as well. Quintara Lane, 25student, Liberty City Support, we need to support each other. When we as a community come together as one to fight against this disease we all win. Isaiah Gaines, 49unemployed, Overtown We need to be out there in the streets talking to the home boys on the corner. Not being educated about HIV is what is really taking a lot of our Black people out.