June 2011 Street Talk

admin | 10/1/2011, 7:21 p.m.

Luther Campbell and Roosevelt Bradley have endorsed Julio Robaina for county mayor; will that influence Black voters?

Alonzo Williams, 64 Retired, Overtown No not really, it all depends on the individual because a lot of people think Luke Campbell is joking about it but he is dead serious about it. I'd vote for him.Elaine Powell-Snell, 47 Social Worker, Liberty City No, because Luke couldn't even sway the Black vote for himself. No one is taking him seriously.Sandra Brown, 49 Disable, Liberty City It all depends. But yes, I do think that their endorsement will have some type of impact on the way Blacks vote.Lorna Pudvie, 51 Nurse, North Miami Probably, Blacks seem to lean toward what the Black leaders are saying. I think that Luke's voice does matter in our community.Cesar Slava, 53 Unemployed, Liberty City Their endorsement will have some impact on the Black vote. They are Black leaders and Blacks follow them.Jeffery Simmons, 75 Retired, Overtown I don't think so. Back in the day, Blacks use to vote for who Black leaders said to vote for, now I think we are smarter than that.