Unity must first start at home amongst families

admin | 10/29/2011, 1:51 p.m.

Dear Editor, I read an article in your newspaper recently written by NNPA Columnist Julianne Malveaux, concerning mothers in prison. Well, being a father of two and incarcerated for 21 years for a crime that I did not commit, is definitely a epidemic among our Black men. I feel as though without a father figure being in their childrens life are very important of how that child grows up. If the child is a male and growing up without that masculine influence, it will cause him to take on responsibilities that hes not prepared for. We the people need to start getting up and voicing our opinions concerning the inappropriate dealings of these prosecutors throughout our judicial system. When I went to trial in 1991, my mother was the only one who showed up. And Im still here in prison. Ive written to the President, NAACP and the Senator of Florida, but to no avail. Black folks will never understand the power of unity. This unity must first start at home amongst our families. Just like we pack the church, we need to pack the courtroom...thats the only way that justice will be served in its proper perspective. Because you can best believe that our everyday decisions will determine our destiny. When we birth these beautiful children, we must deal with them equally. Dont shop for one and disregard the other because what you are creating is prejudice at a young age. We must train up a child in the way they should go. However, I must admit that the blame goes to our men as well. Because a lot of us are unemployed and the first thing we want to do is impregnate these vulnerable women that are already in a financial bind knowing very well that were not ready to take on those responsibilities. We got to get up from the typewriter and approach these issues in person where their liable to occur. When people see you come in their communities and speak on subjects, such as prison, it only gives them a sign of truth-worthiness and credibility. Can you imagine how many people will stand behind you? Benjamin Moorehead Jasper, FL