Bradley and Uncle Luke should ignore finger-pointing

admin | 9/10/2011, 1:48 p.m.

One thing about politics in South Florida is certain its sure to include a lot of intrigue, innuendoes and often unsubstantiated statements from opposing political camps, disgruntled wannabees or community rabble rousers eager to get some free publicity. And we think thats exactly what went down after both Luther Campbell and Roosevelt Bradley, the top two vote getters among Black candidates in the primary race for county mayor, gave their endorsement to candidate Julio Robaina. For the record, we were not privy to those quiet dinner meetings or board room showdowns where the two candidates, Robaina and Carlos Gimenez, each had a chance to state why they were the best candidate to represent the Black community and to take control of the almost 30,000 votes that were collectively garnered by Campbell and Bradley. However, we have had numerous conversations and interviews with both of these brothers and are comfortable in saying that we dont believe the hype. Politics always has the element of compromise at its core. That would suggest that give and take is key for any politicians success. But under the table, illegal deals are things that we do not endorse. And while we believe that both Campbell and Bradley would do almost anything for their beloved community, we dont believe they would intentionally break the law as a means of justifying the ends. Campbell may have had folks shaking their booties many years ago but hes just not a crook. As for Bradley, he seems more appropriate as the father figure for a Black version of The Brady Bunch than a scheming, caught-in-the-act politician. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Maybe when it comes to Black folks, such laudable policies that form the foundation of our Democratic society, are placed on hold.