Voting is the best way to make your voice heard

admin | 9/10/2011, 1:45 p.m.

Black folks are great at assuming a seat in the amen corner where we offer random remarks about all things great and small. But unfortunately, its not preachers that set public policy or vote on crucial bills that responsibility rests with our elected officials. And as anyone with an ounce of sense will tell you, all politics is local. Are you unhappy about your property taxes? Are you dismayed with the lack of affordable housing or healthcare? Are you tired of urban public schools being forced to play second-fiddle to the more prestigious schools from the outlying areas of the county? Are the needs of your specific community being adequately addressed? Are you tired of burying your loved ones because of unprecedented levels of violence? Well, grumbling about it with your favorite barber or beautician may help you feel purged because youve gotten your frustrations off of your chest. But it wont alter the status quo. Business will continue as usual. And for far too many cases that means many Blacks in Miami-Dade County will continue to feel like they are Third World natives living in a foreign land. But if we get off our behinds and go to the polls, in massive numbers of course, we can show the pollsters, political pundits and elected officials that we mean business. We can begin to take control of our own destinies instead of hoping for handouts and leftovers. Miami-Dade County has one of the largest budgets of any metropolitan area in the country. The county employs more people than many U.S. cities and millions are made by businesses that are lucky enough to get contracts for their various services. Blacks are poorly represented on all fronts. Voting can change that. We have heard the murmurings from the hood about the two candidates that want to become our next county mayor. Some say neither man represents their interests. Others say the two candidates both come from the establishment and are unlikely to promote needed reform. Some say theres no point in voting as it wont matter anyway. To all of those comments we say they are nothing more than excuses. And as one writer said, Excuses are monuments of nothing that build bridges that lead to nowhere. Those who use these tools of incompetence are masters of nothing. Stop making excuses people. Shake off the dust and go vote! Then we can start calling for and expecting to see real change.