Congress brings Christ, cash to S. Florida

admin | 9/11/2011, 7:59 a.m.

South Floridas economy is in the midst of a downturn, but theres no recession for the children of God, thanks to a recent conference sponsored by Dr. T.B. Boyd III, chair of the National Baptist Congress. The 105th annual session of the National Baptist Congress was held at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale during the week of June 12-17 and brought an estimated $5 million to the area. The mission of the Congress is to promote the Sunday school and young peoples organizations within Baptist churches and its here where the Boyds have found a niche market and became the conglomerate R.H. Boyd Publishing Corporation. During the event, members of the Congress were presented with the opportunity to take advantage of classes in several areas of ministry such as Black Preaching, Christian Evangelism and Church Growth. No other race of people in these modern times have had to endure what Black people have undergone and still come out on top, said Boyd during the Annual State of the National Baptist Congress Address.We are gathering in Fort Lauderdale to equip ourselves to meet the challenges of these difficult times. The times are especially hard for teenagers and young adults and thats why Boyd has formed a distinctive division within the convention the Youth Congress thats designed for children and young adults, from four to 24. The Youth Congress featured drill teams and dance ministries from various churches across the country and gave youth a chance to become actively involved in the Christian experience, while at the same time keeping them off the streets. We must invest in our youth because they are our world of tomorrow, Boyd said. Many of our people are smart enough to rap, but they are not smart enough to read and thats a problem. Rev. Anthony Burrell of Pompano Beachs Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church was the host pastor. We just love all the people coming from different cities to worship and praise God with us, he said. The other significant thing is that we are bringing economic stimulus to Broward. The last time the National Baptist Congress held their convention in Florida was in 2000. By Jimmie Davis, Jr. Miami Times Writer gemjuledavis81@yahoo.com