Pastor of the Week: Rev. Jeffrey Mack

admin | 9/28/2011, 7:55 a.m.

Local minister prepares to lead church to next level

When he was a child, Reverend Jeffrey Mack did not believe when others told him that it was prophesied for him to become a pastor. In a family that included a father and a grandfather who were ministers, Mack recalled that he was a typical preachers kid (PK). As a kid, I was one of those PK kids that was in the back [of the church] asleep, he said. Regardless of his initial feelings, Mack came to believe in his [destiny] when he received the call to ministry in May of 1983. Now he is celebrating his 17th year as senior pastor of Second Canaan Baptist Church and finds that he feels the same way his father did about being a minister. [Pastoring] is a passion, he said. Theres nothing else Id want to do. Since he began leading the church, Mack says his vision for Second Canaan Baptist Church has slowly evolved. There are some [pastors] to whom God the vision right when they get there, he said. "In my case, it was shown in parts and last year, I was given the culmination of my vision." During his tenure, Mack has made sure the church which averages 130 to 180 congregants a week has focused on getting to know one another and God, acknowledging who's in charge of their lives and how to improve their efforts at worshiping God. In my life and in this church, the key word is sustainability, he explained. With a church comprised of 20 to 30 percent of members younger than 20-years-old, the church regularly holds different programs to involve younger members and has an active youth ministry. Lessons in love, life and the Lord Married for the second time with six children, Mack says one of the best pieces advice he tells couples is to communicate. He says that being open and honest about your wants and desires are the best way to keep a marriage healthy. We tell all couples that its best before you get married to tell if something is bothering you, he said. He believes that if honesty leads to the dissolution of the engagement or if the marriage is delayed that is fine. Theres no danger in postponing, Mack explained. The danger is if nothing changes.