Chatter That Matters, April 4 - 10, 2012

admin | 4/5/2012, 4:30 a.m.

As Dr. Enid C. Pinkney, founder, African America Committee of Dade Heritage Trust observed Cecelia Stewart putting the finishing touch on the decorated tables, while Leome Culmer, script writer, collaborated with narrator Lois H. Oliver, the Hampton House Band provided music with Lamar Johnson singing At Last. Meanwhile, the crowd entered and followed Gloria J. Green who escorted them to their respective seats. Attorney Angela Culmer broke the silence as she began the skit of Voices From The Graves of the Miami City Cemetery. The events other speakers includedReverend Jesse Martin of the Community Outreach Ministry Baptist Church,Charlayne W. Thompkins, and Becky Roper Matkov, the CEO of the Dade Heritage Trust. Maude Newbold had the honor of being the emcee. The honorees of the Fourteenth Annual Womens History Month Luncheon at the Legion Memorial Hall included Oliver, Norma Culmer Mims, Charlotte Bannister, Dr. Gay Outler, Merline R. Johnson, Aundrella Hamed, Natalia E. Lightbourne, Charesse Chester, and Marie Nabbie Munnings. Hats are off to those who made the program a success, such as researchers/contributors Leome S.Culmer, Angela M.Culmer,Esq., Dr. Dorothy Field, Maud Newbold, Herman Bannister, Norma Mims, Bertha Sneed, Gwendolyn Welters, Johnnice Johnson, Gwen Wilson, Barbara Kee, Bernadette Poitier, Vennada Reo Gibson, Dorothy Graham, Louise P. Payne, Marie Marlin, and Georgiana Bethe. Also much appreciation to Frank Pinkneyand the men from the tree of knowledge: Isaac Ford, Robert Forbes, Horace McGraw, Dwight Walker and Mark Williams. Ruth Copeland, Cleora Brooks, Mary Walton, Louvonia Robinson, Laurice Hepburn. W. Wallace Neal, Wilfred McKenzie and daughter, Ruby Rayford, Kathlene Hepburn-Okehi, Tracy Martin, Elsaida Anders, Mary Bannerman, Ernestine Williams, Penny Lambethand yours truly. March Madness also included The National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Incorporated Alpha Delta Chapter 70th Anniversary Celebration, Saturday,March 24, at the El Palacio Sport Hotel and Conference Center. The celebration included a grand march with recognition of the founding members Berti Baldwin, Maude Ellison, Alise Gill, Marie House, IonaHumbert, Mary Johnson, Emma McBride, Cloretta Pearsall, Elizabeth Pittman, Bertha Sharpe, Effie Sutton, Chloe Sweeting, Emily C. Thomas, Flossie Tucker, Estelle M. Williams, and Susie Francis, the only living founder. The officers and members of 2012 entered in their regalia of red dresses and chapter sashes, and among them walked Mary F. Allen, Mary L. Dunn, Eva Betterson, Carolyn Clark, Naomi Smith, Gloria Starks, Martha Howell, Viola Roundtree, Erma Carter, Regina Bruton, Fredericka Brown, Ira Fisher, Dr. Lillian Cooper,Ann Wyche, Freddie and Audrey Kineard, Mary Jackson, and Willie M. Williams. Special salutes go out to Althea Sampler, flutist, and Angela Adams-Johnson, singer and the Impact group consisting of David Melvin, Timothy Edmond, Dante Lainge, Ariel Clouden, Paris Solomon, Terrell Melvin and Lanjah Grier while Dr. Cooper, Principal, COPE North, kept the audience happy with her stylish emceeing.Steppers consisted of Diane Wilson, Sherly Stebbins, Betty P. Williams, Pamela Ford and Irene Wilfork.Cupidine Dean added to the program by introducing Delores D. Hills and Dunn saluting yours truly with a plaque for community leadership, while special awards were given to Bruton, Betterson, Fisher, Clark and Howell. Wilfred McPhee, Jr., the son of Wilfred and Caroline McPhee left a legacy as a member of the Invincible Class of 46, met his wife, Anna Evans when he matriculated at Bethune-Cookman College and became the father of Shelia Jackson, Jacquelyn James, Muriel Solomon and Tayloria Johnson. His services and repast brought the family together, as well as Lone B. Mathis, Israel Melton, Louise Tolliver, yours truly, president, to pay tribute to a well-beloved Dorsey High running back. Kudos go out to the editor of the Miami Times for the immediate publishinglast Wednesday of the saga of Trayvon Martin whose death has motivated 31 school students to walk out protesting this action. Renita Holmes, activist, was at the corner of 62nd and 12th Ave motivating the people in Liberty City to join other cities protest efforts. Joining Holmes were Pi Nu Omega men Joshua R. Jones, AlMenmar, Com. Richard P. Dunn, Pat Range, students from Liberty Square Program attired in pink, the CEO of Hot 105. Daryl Oden and wife, Shelbe, and Daryl Jr., Dr. K. McNeil, writing notes and Ronald Fulton, uncle of Trayvon. Congratulations to Carey Hart, stage manager, Shirley Richardson, costume design, and Patricia Williams, prop design, of The M Ensemble Company for providingthe community with Harlem Duet by Lowell Williams and starring Christina Alexander, John Archie, Yaya Browne, Rachel Finley, Ethan Henry, and Robia Martino. Stay tuned for more info. By Dr. Richard Strachan