Hold your elected officials accountable and know how they vote

mcneir | 4/5/2012, 5:53 a.m.

Every two or four years, depending on the office, we chose from among a slate of men and women whom we elect to represent our particular and specific needs at the city, county, state and national levels. They become our elected officials for some of us they are the only voice we have when it comes to setting tax levels, ensuring public services or even changing laws that are antiquated and unjust. However, as a community, Blacks often tend to elect folks to serve as our spokespersons and then fail to follow up. As Janet Jackson might say, What has your elected official done for you lately? Are they answering the cries of your senior citizens that are tired of living in fear or barely making it from one months check to another? Are they addressing the escalating crime in your community? Are they making sure the laws on our books make life easier for Blacks, not more difficult? This is where we stand given the current uproar associated with the Stand Your Ground law. And while we understand the historical context that led to the swift passage of the law, it is clear to us that we have moved far beyond the stated intention of the statute. Where does that leave us? At the least, Black elected officials need to be leading the call to have this law reexamined, revised and possibly repealed. But there is a process and we as citizens cannot get the ball rolling. Its the folks who come to us every two or four years, smiling, cajoling and making promises that cause us to believe in them. Now its time that they show us that they mean what they say.