People, April 11 2012

admin | 4/11/2012, 11:15 a.m.

Palm Sunday afternoon, the old timers of B. T. W, their family and friends reminisced about old times. Present were: Juanita Allen-Lane, Henry Sanky Newbold, Georgia Works, Effie Robinson-Fortson, Regina Livingston, Elry T. Sands, Dorothy DaDa Heild Saunders, Helen Gay, Lynda Lewis, James and Karen Jordan, Joi Strachan, Francena Lewis-Robinson, Monica Behel-Adderley, Vivian Lane, Rose Jenkins, Darlene Jones, Gloria Holmes, Yolanda Hardy, Terry Lane, Mamie Johnston, Robert Malone, Gwen Clarke, Jaunita Humes, Bernice Brown, Stephanie Span, Bishop Walter Sands, Ned and Sheria Edwards and Mattie Ivery. Get well wishes our prayers go out to Naomi Allen-Adams, Juanita Smith, Phillip R. Wallace, Vennda-Rei Gibson, Theodore Moss, Wilhelmina Stirrup Welch, Sue Francis, Cheryl Moss, William Piner Jr., Princess Lamb, Yvonne Johnson-Gaitor, Easter Robinson-Troy, Jacqueline Livingston, Inez Johnson, Grace H. Patterson and Patricia Allen-Ebron. Deepest sympathy to the family of Trayvon Martin, who was senselessly killed. Hearty congratulations and thanks to Dolphins linesman Vernon Carey (1998 Northwestern High state champ) for donating a new weight room and equipment to the school. A celebration will take place soon. Congratulations to Bianca Swilley, who was named employee of the month at Star Board Cruise Services. Bianca is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Florida A and M University. Gloria Smith-Burrows of Cleveland, Ohio returned home to visit her ailing sister Juanita Smith, mother of Bryant Smith. Dorothy Saunders (known to her many friends as DaDa) held a grand cookout for her newly-inducted initiates at her 95 Terrace Home. Mary Johnson Robbins was honored at the Womens Empowerment Luncheon in observance of Womens History Month sponsored by the Greater North Miami Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Robbins is branch manager of BB & T Bank. She is the daughter of the late Flora Barry Johnson and Willie Johnson. By Anna Grace Sweeting