Miami puts its best foot forward in tribute to Trayvon

admin | 4/12/2012, 5:30 a.m.

With the recent rise in Black-on-Black crime and gang violence that are making the streets of Miami-Dade County more and more dangerous potentially ushering in a summer that will be marked by unprecedented bloodshed community leaders are understandably concerned while hoping to find ways to stem the tide. But a week ago Sunday, the Black community was at its very best, showing solidarity, pride in their culture and expressing pent-up emotions in a way that is illustrative of the Black tradition. The event was a homecoming celebration that welcomed the parents of the tragically-murdered teen, Trayvon Martin. And with the music of the Black church, prayers, liturgical dance and powerful testimonies from everyone from superstars to ordinary people, it was a much-needed service of healing. Blacks are angry and fed up and with good reason. In many respects young Trayvon has become the poster child for Blacks constant demand for justice in a nation that has yet to give Black people fair and equal treatment under the law. As more details become revealed, Black leaders, parents and youth say they wont rest until the teens murderer is arrested and faces a judge and jury. That would be the right thing to do the just thing to do. We hear that Sundays rally for Trayvon Martin could not have been possible without the leadership of Congresswoman Frederica Wilson and City Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones. Both were part of the events on stage and did a credible job of allowing many voices to take to the microphone and share their views. And as has been the case at every rally or protest focusing on the senseless murder of Trayvon, there was not one single incident of violence. Blacks may not be in the majority here in Miami, but when we come together, Blacks and Haitians alike, and stand on our similarities as opposed to separating ourselves because of our differences, thats when we get things done. Lets keep up the good work.