Street Talk April 11, 2012

caines | 4/12/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Should FAMU faculty be held responsible for allowing hazing to take place in their homes?

Racquell Hopkins, 19Miami, day care teacher Yes, they should be punished for that because their students look up to them. If teachers are allowing hazing, then the tradition is still being handed down and then students will think thats acceptable. Whats sad is that even though that FAMU band student died, hazing will still go on. Its just going to become more secretive. Tonia Malone, 42Miami, self-employed Yes, those teachers should be held accountable. People are dying from hazing nowadays. If they know something like that is going on, then by not speaking up they might as well have committed the murders themselves. Malcolm Rizer, 60Miami, retired Hazing has been taken to a new low where now its not only morally wrong, but it now causes death. So, the faculty should definitely be held accountable. Theyre the guardians in that particular situation; they should definitely be monitoring whats going on. Derrick Robinson, 50Miami, maintenance worker If its in their homes they should be held accountable because at all times you want to and should know whats going on in your own house. Markus Smith, 23Pembroke Pines, manager Yes, I think teachers should be held accountable if something like that is happening on campus and they know about it. But, I dont think its their fault if, for example, they allow a fraternity to come in and sponsor something at their house and something happens there. Then the fraternity should be held accountable in that incident. Carol Young, 54Miami, security officer Yes. The faculty should know whats going on at their schools and at their homes. And if they know something illegal like hazing is going on, then they should stop it. Its time for accountability.