Local caterer offers recipe for success

caines | 4/13/2012, 10:45 a.m.

Khayla Stanleys Icing on the Kake has all the goodies you need

According to a recent Specialty Retail report, the temporary retail market brings in more than $9 billion dollars and they sell their products without having a brick, mortar or permanent location. South Florida caterer Khayla Stanley is cashing in on this trend with Icing on the Kake, her cupcake and specialty cake company. The company recently expanded from a solely home-based delivery service to include weekend operations at the Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood. One of the biggest advantages of having a mobile business is you dont have the overhead and costs associated with a storefront like electricity and rent, Stanley said. I am also free to travel and generate sales at farmers markets, popular events and stores as opposed to remaining in only one location. Stanley started the company two years ago after getting laid off from her longtime human resources job in corporate America. And despite being five months pregnant she was not only determined to become her own boss but wanted to find ways to profit from her passion for baking. I have been baking red velvets cake with my aunt in Georgia since I was six-years-old, she said. Baking was the highlight of my trips to the south during my childhood. After doing research, I realized I could be successful at this. Since its inception, Icing on the Kake has served restaurants, businesses and organizations in the Tri-county area. Her prices are reasonable and flavors range from red velvet to vegan and customized goods. Though her product is a great complement to festive occasions, Stanley admits that staying profitable is no laughing matter. I had to check myself and every detail, said the FAMU grad. I had to pace myself and do my research. You have to survey the market and find your niche in the marketplace. We are known for providing moist, flavorful cakes and cupcakes topped with a generous amount of sweet decadent icing. Our emphasis is placed on flavor instead of having a really good looking cupcake that just tastes average." Stanley says the key to success is to stick with your business plan and attributes her good fortune to honesty, open communication and staying true to my product. By Zachary RinkinsMiami Times writerzrinkins@itspaydayradio.com