Cory George pens 'Living Successfully Beyond your Shadows'

admin | 4/19/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Author turns tragedy into triumph with self-help book

Cory George, 38, remembers a painful childhood during which time he stuttered, suffered from low self-esteem and was sexually abused. In fact, the situations he faced were so traumatic that he says he remained silent about them until he was almost 30-years-old. I blamed myself instead of the appropriate parties and had to finally acknowledge that things just happen to people in life and that we must learn to deal with them, he said. I began to set myself on a course to learn lessons from my past and to pass on the knowledge that I had gained. George, who is a technology engineer and a life coach, started to chronicle his journey and began to realize that most of the problems he was facing as an adult were related to unresolved childhood issues. In his book, Sit or Stand: Living Successfully Beyond Your Shadows, he guides readers through journaling activities that he hopes will lead them towards areas of thought that we tend to forget, ignore or bury deep inside. For many years I just tried to make do, but I had to come to peace with a lot of things so that I could face the world and be part of the living again, he said. For most of my life I had been in my own world and no one knew what I was going through because I wouldnt talk about it. The stuttering made it that much worse I felt like my voice was being critiqued as well that just made me speak even less. George hopes that his book and the series of exercises within, will help others explore those things from which they have been hiding while giving them the courage to ask tough questions. Taking a new hold on life I think I understand why my life proceeded the way it did and some of the things that I had to endure, he said. The book is particularly aimed towards Black men because we rarely talk about painful, embarrassing issues because of the shame. I feel like I am helping other Black men to be more human and to understand that they are not alone in their challenges. You have to be free with yourself before you can be free with others. George says he has gotten a lot of positive feedback from readers and is now compiling those testimonies of brothers who faced adversity and have been able to overcome their challenges. Sometimes we can find inspiration and courage when we hear how others have faced significant obstacles and found a way to break through them, he said. Go to www.corygeorgemedia.com for more about his book and his philosophy of life. By Kevin McNeirkmcneir@miamitimesonline.com