Street Talk April 18, 2012

caines | 4/19/2012, 5 a.m.

Has Obama done enough for Blacks?

Roberta Dorsainvil, 44Miami, baker I feel hes doing enough - for all people, not just Black people. Tax breaks and creating more jobs are just a couple of the many things that hes done. Antonio Flowers, 49Liberty City, self employed I think hes done as much as hes can. But I think that Congress, really just white men period, are keeping his hands tied. They resent the fact that hes a Black president and I dont think they want to work with him on any issues. And thats sad because its hurting everyone. Ricardo Riley, 45Miami, house keeping I feel that despite political pressure, President Obama should come out and actually institute more programs - like for education, vocational training, and housing - thats geared toward Black people. And I personally feel that Obama should do more to ensure that veteran service connected disability claims are honored by the VA Hospital. I was shot in the head in 1987 and they still wont release the records for my case. Dont get me wrong, hes a good president and a good man, however, I think that he has to step outside of the box and show that he can be bold and courageous. He should at least verbally address the plight of Black people in this country. Charles Burgess, 61Miami, retired So far, I say hes done pretty good. Before he got in, the country was really messed up, so everybody cant put the blame on him and expect him to fix everything. But since hes got in the White House, hes done a really good job. James Reco Smith, 64Miami, retired educator I think President Obama has done one of the best jobs in the history of U.S. presidents so far. People have forgotten already that he said that he would capture [Osama] bin Laden and he actually did what he said he would do. They dont give him enough credit. Isaac James, 59Miami, disabled worker Yes, hes done good, but he could do more. Mainly, he could do more for the economy and for job creation, especially for veterans. I went to Vietnam, but when soldiers come home, its hard to find a job. Its still the same way nowadays. But people who serve in the military, theyre the best workers because they know how to handle responsibility.